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Queensland’s Gold Coast swelters in record temperatures, and car salesman Gary Braswell is hot under the collar.

With sales at rock-bottom, and up to his neck in debt to loan shark, Jocko Mackenzie, Gary’s sweating on a fat commission from a mysterious Russian couple.

If the loan is not repaid, there’s more than Gary’s kneecaps at stake – his long-suffering wife is also in peril. But Jocko demands more than repayment and has sinister plans for the hapless salesman.

Gary turns his skills to real estate and is soon embroiled in the murky world of money laundering. With the federal police sniffing around and Jocko on his tail, Gary concocts an audacious scam.

Success means money – lots of it.

Failure means death.

Can hard-drinking, cocaine-snorting Gary pull it off?

Hilarious and dark, Blair Denholm's Sold is noir at its best – a whirlpool of sex, drugs, and real estate.

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