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CDP & IP — Together At Last!

Improbable Press

We here at Clan Destine Press never do anything by halves.

Back in May we acquired the small UK publishing house Improbable Press.

Improbable Press came with six fabulous things: five Sherlock

Holmes romances – YES, they’re really a thing (a big thing) – and a live-in commissioning editor: Atlin Merrick.

Today – under the overwatch of Ms Merrick – we announce the release of the first two books since the merger, with many more to come:

The Case of the Misplaced Models by Tessa Barding;

The Case of the Misplaced Models by Tessa Barding

and A Question of Time written by Jamie Ashbird and illustrated by Janet Anderton.

Improbable Press arrives with a thirst for new authors and readers and brings a whole new world of adventure, with a focus on fiction written by and about women, people of colour, LGBTQIA+ voices, neurodivergent and differently-abled people.

Too long these characters have been relegated to sidekicks or footnotes in a world of heteronormative, male-driven narratives.

Not here in our Clan cave.

A Question of Time

So, while its origins may be in Sherlockian mystery-romances (which we’ll continue to publish) Improbable Press is set to expand into adventure tales where the heroes reflect the real world.

Well, the almost real world. We are talking adventure fiction, after all.

So our protagonists might be two robots and a differently-abled human, a black ace person and a pansexual ghost, a trans white woman and a neurodivergent Asian man, or the Famous Five Everything Going to Smuggler’s Top…

Sure, IP's characters will deal with darkness and maybe their happily ever after is as simple as moving hand-in-hand through a post-apocalyptic world – but the key is that every single book Improbable Press publishes gives its characters adventure, romance, and ends with hope.

Improbable Press and Clan Destine Press are all about banishing stereotypes, one book at a time.