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Happy Anniversary Fat, Fifty and Fu*ked!

We here in the Clan Cave are beside ourselves with excitement
to be publishing
the 20th anniversary edition of Geoffrey McGeachin’s hilarious midlife-crisis caper adventure.

2003: ‘From an author you’ve never heard of, with a name you’re not sure how to pronounce, comes the book you might be too embarrassed to ask for.’

2023: Two decades later Clan Destine Press believes people will march into bookshops around the country and demand a copy of Fat, Fifty and Fu*ked!

Martin Carter is having a crook day.

His home life is a misery, he’s been retrenched by the bank, and everyone has forgotten his birthday.

But a million-dollar payroll, a pistol in a biscuit tin, and a split-second decision change everything.

Hurtling north on a motorcycle, with the intriguing Faith, Martin encounters a mysterious hitman, a New Age bikie gang, a reclusive media mogul, and  the booby-trapped mountain hideout of an old schoolmate.

With Faith’s help Martin learns about love again, along with some bitter truths about instant coffee, brown suede shoes, and the legendary Great Aussie Truckstop Breakfast, in Geoffrey McGeachin's Fat, Fifty and Fu*ked!