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Hard-boiled Noir with a Spectral Twist: Scavengers

Clan Destine Press is honoured to publish the latest dark and disturbing novel
from the godfather of Australia horror: Robert Hood.


Mike Crowe doesn’t believe in ghosts, but it seems there’s one ghost that 
believes in him. Can he escape the attention of a psychopath long enough to help her?

A not-exactly legal PI, Crowe is blackmailed into tracking down a serial killer known as The Scavenger. At the same time, he finds himself increasingly plagued by visions – and eventually visitations – of a young girl he failed to save from being murdered a decade before.

Are these things connected?

Crowe must scavenge through the debris of a world going to pieces around him – at first just to survive, and then to find the answers to questions he’d rather hadn’t been asked.

Three quarter profile image of Isobelle Carmody, a smiling white woman with piled-high bright red hair
Robert Hood a three-quarter profile of a smiling white man

One of the grand masters of Australian horror writing, Robert Hood has been prolific in his genres of choice – horror/weird fiction, crime, fantasy and science fiction – since his first professional sale in 1975. Robert has published over 140 short stories, a number of novellas, a few novels, and lots of kid’s books. He has won several major Australian awards, the Australian Golden Dagger Award, a Ditmar Award an Australian Shadows Award.