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Hugh McGinlay's Catherine Kint & Company: now with Clan Destine Press!

Bodysurfing by writer Hugh McGinlay

Announcing the imminent arrival of our new crime series:

The Catherine Kint Mysteries

by Hugh McGinlay

JinxPachyderm ~ and the long-awaited  Bodysurfing

Catherine Kint, a hard-living milliner who lives in Brunswick, solves crimes in her spare time.

An ex-crime-scene investigator, Catherine decided there were plenty of other people who could be serious about life – or death – so now she makes beautiful things, loves beautiful people, and laughs her way through the world instead.

Until there’s an issue that needs solving or fixing.

And with Catherine, it seems, there’s always an issue. 

She’s the woman in the right place at the wrong time with the right quip (and usually the wrong idea). 

With her friends in tow – notably barman, muscle, and sensitive new age guy Boris - Catherine moves through mysteries like a hot mess through butter; or something.

The Catherine Kint mystery series will shower readers in shaman, romance, hijinks, political intrigue and so, so much style. Oh, and an elephant.

Catherine and Boris are the best friends to have in dark times.

All three books in the series are now available for pre-order.