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Our Latest Anthologies Have Landed!

Clamour and Mischief: a pale blue, white, and black toned book cover, with the silhouetted images of corvids of all kinds

The latest books in Clan Destine’s anthology suite have landed.

Clamour & Mischief, edited by Narrelle M. Harris and Damnation Games, edited by Alan Baxter, feature stories from a host of Aussie, Kiwi and international writers.

A clamour of rooks. A mischief of magpies. A storytelling of crows. An unkindess or ravens.

Clamour & Mischief brings a veritable storytelling to these corvidae, the bird family known for intelligence, cunning and connection with folklore and urban legends.

Damnation Games is a largely black cover, with moody bits of white, red and bits of blue showing frightening creatures

The anthology’s 16 striking stories are imbued with the humour, darkness, wisdom and magic of the birds which inspired them. Take them as a jest, a guide, or a warning – but don't, whatever you do, ignore them!

Damnation Games, an anthology of supernatural crime and horror, aims to scare you witless, make your skin crawl, and make you think.

That rising dread at the heart of any good mystery is compounded when you put crime and horror together.

And all sorts of nastiness came out of the woodwork in these 19 stories feature urban monsters, Victorian mathematicians, contemporary lawyers, near future police, and outback ghosts.