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The Greek gods are alive and well – and living in Australia

The Medusa Situation shows an ivory-colored cover with a drawing of Medusa holding her own head up against her hip

It's The Medusa Situation are you ready for a caper mystery set in Sydney and starring Medusa and the Greek goddesses Hera, Athena and Artemis?

In modern day Australia the Greek goddess Hera and her Olympian family have accepted their forced divine retirement and live out their immortality in the suburbs.

Their once exciting, all-powerful, and totally worshipped lives have been replaced by endless days of quiet resentment and mystical reality TV programs.

Then Stheno and Eurydale, sisters of the more infamous gorgon of legend, turn up on Hera’s doorstep asking for help because Medusa’s head has been stolen. Again.

In a race against time Hera and her step-daughter, the goddess Athena, join forces with a rag tag bunch of ancient Greek deities and mystical creatures to find the culprit and recover Medusa’s head before it creates havoc across the mortal and divine realms.

The novel is Janet Evanovich meets Natalie Haynes, in an entertaining urban fantasy which examines issues of justice, male entitlement, and the ways in which powerful women have been treated throughout the history of storytelling.

It’s mystery, mayhem, mythology, comedy, and social commentary with a feminist twist in Gabiann Marin's The Medusa Situation.

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