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Sherlock is a Girl's Name

Call for Submissions
Sherlock is a Girl's Name

It's time to climb up into your brain attic, hone your intellect, and in our latest call for submissions, tell us what the Great Detective would be like if she was a woman.

Sherlock is a Girl's Name photo of a gently-smiling young black woman holiding a larege magnifying glass up to one of her brown eyes

We're seeking stories by female-identifying people, writing about a female-identifying Sherlock Holmes, set in any time, place, or culture!

Of course, where there's Holmes, Watson must follow – in this anthology Watson might be nonbinary, female- or male-identifying, queer or straight. Whatever suits your setting. 

Who is Ms Sherlock Holmes in your story? Who is her Watson?
Her clients? And what are the mysteries only she can solve?

Pull out your magnifying glass, have a close read of our call for submissions, and send commissioning editors Narrelle M Harris and Atlin Merrick your tale for Sherlock is a Girl's Name by 30 September 2022.

We can't wait.

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