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The 2020 Sisters in Crime 27th annual Scarlet Stiletto Awards

Scarlet Stiletto 2020—The Twelfth CutThis 2020 collection features twelve award-winning stories from the 27th annual Scarlet Stiletto Awards.

Scarlet Stiletto: The Twelfth Cut's stories include an award-winning World War II tale, a story set during the COVID pandemic, and a mystery in which a murder at a writers’ retreat is perpetrated with a volume of the Complete Sherlock Holmes. How improbable!

A record 241 short stories competed in the 2020 Scarlet Stiletto Awards, with 12 writers sharing the 15 prizes on offer – a historic high of $10,460 in prize money and benefits.

It's time to see 2020 out the door with a dozen tales of mystery, murder, and much, much more by authors you've loved – and new ones you soon will.

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