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Geelong Today's "Not So Fun in the Sun" Chat with Hugh McGinlay

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Hugh McGinlay author of the Catherine Kint mystery series

“I wake up with Boris and Catherine most days. I know what she thinks about the war in Ukraine and I know what Boris thinks and we argue. It’s lovely.”

So says our very own Hugh McGinlay about his Catherine Kint murder mystery series and its protagonist Catherine Kint and her sidekick Boris.

Recently profiled in Geelong Today, Hugh talks about how each of his three novels in the series (so far!) are love letters not only to his wife Louise Kent – on whom Catherine Kint is based – but also to places he adores.

Hugh's latest book Bodysurfing, is an ode to the tiny Victoria beach town of Ocean Grove, with its surf beaches and bushwalking.

Pachyderm, is set in the venerable Melbourne Zoo, where Hugh spent time when his two kids were young, while his first in the Kint series, Jinx, is set in the inner-city Melbourne suburb of Brunswick, where Hugh lived for years.

“I’m one of those people who turns up for four weeks and makes the town uninhabitable for the locals every year,” Hugh says in the Geelong piece. “Most of my books I try and put in a great sense of place; they’re usually love letters to places that I love."

Start Hugh's series today – ebooks can fulfill that weekend-reading urge instantly – and fall in love with Ocean Grove, Melbourne Zoo, and Brunswick, too!

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