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RJK Lee: Clamour and Mischief's Author Spotlight

Clamour and Mischief authors RJK Lee

A mid-shot of author RJK Lee outdoors and looking at the camera, he is a white man with dark hair wearing a black leather jacket and jeans

RJK Lee joins us to talk about his  Clamour and Mischief story called "Build Another Nest for Phantom Feathers," a snippet of which you can hear RJK read here.

What is the most unexpected tidbit you learned while researching your story?

I found the nesting strategies of azure-winged magpies and magpies in Japan rather interesting. Azure-winged magpies apparently nest within the territories of predatory birds like sparrowhawks to avoid foxes and other mammals. Tokyo researchers stated that only 2% of nests within 20 meters of a sparrowhawk nest were lost to predators. This is an aspect I wanted to insert into the story more directly, but it didn’t quite make it in. Maybe another tale. I also found it interesting that magpies generally found telephone poles a safer nesting location than more natural environments, which has helped them spread throughout cities.

What was your favourite thing about writing a story for Clamour and Mischief?

I loved the chance to write a follow-up to my story in Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging (Volume Blue). I also loved the interest in allowing such an odd and fantastical story. I mean a fight scene between birds and foxes written like the one in my story, who’s going to grant it the suspended belief necessary? But it’s exactly the kind of thing I wish there was more of in the fiction world. I think this story certainly took some risks, but when I was invited to this anthology, I knew this side of the story world I’d already started in “Stone Shaper Tanukis Estranged” really wanted to be drawn out. Hopefully I can share a few other sides of this story world soon (there’s a whole bear family waiting to say hello – someone open a Bears & Blackberries antho next?)

Which is your favourite corvid and why?

Well, of course, azure-winged magpies or onaga, since I’ve traveled through so much with them now thanks to writing this story. I’ve never had a particular favorite until now. I mean, I always enjoyed hearing about birds – I remember my childhood friend’s father was an avid birdwatcher, and I enjoyed getting a taste of that there. I also always admired the birds flocking about in the sky when I’m biking or around my balcony while I’m at home (which granted me some inspiration for moments in my story). This fall I’ve been admiring all the crows flocking about the trees and buildings as I bike between lessons and home. Large crowds of them flocking around this huge stadium at the park. What are they plotting?

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R.J.K. Lee is a native Oregonian residing in Japan for nearly two decades where he plays games with his kids, bicycles through typhoons, and works as a language teacher, proofreader, and voice actor. He believes the best writing combines the weird, fantastical, and meaningful.
His publications include “Build Another Nest for Phantom Feathers” in Clamour and Mischief (2022), “Don't Trust Molters” in DreamForge Magazine (2022), “Stone Shaper Tanukis Estranged” in Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging - Volume Blue (2021), and “Memo from the Jolly Overlords” in the Weird Christmas Podcast (2020). He also has stories forthcoming in Tales & Feathers Magazine and more.
His awards include semi-finalist from the Writers of the Future contest (2021) and a third-place fiction award from the University of Oregon KIDD contest (2005). Follow his posts at or @rylandjklee on Twitter for his reviews, his work in progress, and for details on where to send your own creative work.

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