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The Only One in the World: Judith Rossell Interview

Judith Rossell The Only One in the World: A Sherlock Holmes Anthology

The Only One in the World: Judith Rossell Interview

Clan Destine Press talked with illustrator Judith Rossell about her glorious cover drawing for our anthology The Only One in the World. Judith shared her thoughts on Sherlock Holmes, and what she's up to next.

How do you feel about Sherlock Homes – any iteration, whether book, film, or TV?

I'm a big fan of the Shelock Holmes stories, particularly the earlier ones, and I love the original Sidney Paget illustrations.

Many people don't realise how much the illustrator contributes to a story, and Sidney Paget is the one who gave Sherlock Holmes his famous deerstalker hat (fun illustrator fact!).

Judith's artwork:
an editor's eye view from Narrelle M Harris

What was the most interesting part of drawing for The Only One in the World?

It was interesting trying to find a distinctive window or doorway for each story, from the different times and places.

What was your favourite thing you learned drawing for The Only One in the World?

It was nice to be able to include accurate Egyptian hieroglyphics for the Egyptian window, thanks so much to LJM Owen, who wrote the story Prince Ha-mahes and the Adventure of the Stoned Mason.

More about Judith:

Judith is busy working on a mystery adventure story for middle-grade readers (kids between about 9 and 12). She's writing at the moment, but hopes to be finished reasonably soon, so she can start on the illustrations.

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