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The Only One in the World: A Sherlock Holmes Anthology Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal Narrelle M Harris The Only One in the World The Only One in the World: A Sherlock Holmes Anthology

The Only One in the World–A Sherlock Holmes Anthology

In the middle of the year that went nowhere, I asked writers from around the world to interpret what Holmes and/or Watson might be like if one or both came from a cultural background different from Conan Doyle’s London-centred Victorian/Edwardian England, in stories where they also did not have to be white upper-class men.

The characters could change in any and many ways to suit the story, so that readers could explore the Great Detective and his biographer from new and different angles.

The result is The Only One in the World.

Who's In This Sherlockian Anthology?

Fourteen splendid writers took part in The Only One in the World, including:

Greg Herren, Atlin Merrick, Jack Fennell, Jason Franks, Natalie Conyer, Kerry Greenwood and David Greagg, Lisa Fessler, Lucy Sussex, Katya de Becerra, Jayantika Ganguly, LJM Owen, Raymond Gates, and JM Redmann

All of these authors rose to the challenge of finding diverse ways to bring the crime-solving partnership of Holmes and Watson to life in thirteen adventures.

This baker’s dozen take us on adventures in Ancient Egypt, Viking Iceland, and 17th century England; in 19th century Ireland, Germany, and Poland; in South Africa of the 1970s and New Orleans of the 1920s; and in contemporary Australia, USA, Russia, India and as a global citizen.

Clan Destine Press is delighted to reveal the beautiful cover, featuring portals into these different worlds, created by award-winning author-illustrator Judith Rossell.

In addition, beautiful internal illustrations have been created by Andrea L Farley (Altocello Art) to enhance each tale.

Pre-order The Only One in the World – in hardcover, paperback, or eBook – and prepare to rediscover Holmes and Watson as they emerge from different backgrounds.

Publication April 2021

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  • Rebecca Bowyer on

    It looks fabulous! I’m looking forward to reading this one. Off to put in my pre-order.

  • Dilia Gonsalves on

    What a fantastic idea!! To help us get through another winter (COVID or no Covid) as long as we have a nice cuppa and a good book.

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