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Gabiann Marin: Clamour and Mischief's Author Spotlight

Clamour and Mischief authors Gabiann Marin

A drawing of writer Gabiann Marin, she is a white woman with dark-ish hair wearing an ornate necklace with matching earrings and a crown of flowers on her head

We're happy to have Gabiann Marin's story for Clamour and Mischief, titled "Quoth the Raven," Gabiann reads from her tale on our YouTube channel.

What is the most unexpected tidbit you learned while researching your story?

The most interesting bit of information I gathered was just how big a role ravens, corvids and crows play in the inspiration of written works. Not just as subjects, but how often they feature in some way in the lives of the writers themselves. I knew before writing the story that Edgar Allen Poe had been inspired to write the poem The Raven by meeting the pet corvid of his friend Charles Dickens. However I didn't realise how important that particular bird, named Grip, was to Dickens' writing process. From all accounts Grip was a nasty, confounding creature who would regularly peck and scratch at visitors. Yet Dickens would never travel without him. Which inspired my idea of a dark muse who had both a hold over and effect upon the writer's creative process.

What was your favourite thing about writing a story for Clamour and Mischief?

I loved the process of thinking about what story would suit the subject matter of Clamour and Mischief, it is great to write within certain limitations because that is, I believe, what often really helps imagination and craft to improve. It's like being given a puzzle but I get to decide how I want to solve it. I also love the ability to write about things I am passionate about - animals and writing would be the top two - so this anthology gave me a chance to create a story about both.

Which is your favourite corvid and and why?

It has to be ravens I think – although I also love crows – the centuries of mythology around both of them are fascinating and their ability to be both part of and somehow apart from the world is something I would love to emulate.

My websites are and

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Gabiann is an award-winning screenwriter, author and multimedia creative and has commercially published over 12 fiction and non-fiction titles for children and adults.
She has won or been shortlisted for several Australian and international writing prizes including the highly respected White Raven Award and her children’s books are commonly featured on Australian Premier’s reading challenges. In 2017 her multimedia interactive narrative, Kids Together Now won the Australian Teachers of Media award for best interactive application.
She is currently completing a commissioned work for Omnibus Publishing for the award-winning My Australian Story series and her comedic urban mythology novel The Medusa Situation is slated for publication with Clan Destine Press. Currently she tutors in narrative and writing at Macquarie University, Sydney; where she is also completing her PhD in writing and mythology. You can find out more about her at

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