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This May: 20% off Pre-orders for CDP’s upcoming books

A black cover with drawings of pink flowers and an anatomically-correct heart

Clan Destine Press is proud to present two new books for pre-order: an anthology taking a fresh look at horror and a contemporary paranormal take on the residents of Baker Street!

Pre-order now to get 20% off the hardcover, paperback or eBook of:

This Fresh Hell, Eds Katya de Becerra and Narrelle M. Harris
(due June 2023)

Cursed dolls, siren calls, malignant houses, highway hauntings, isolated communities and attempts to summon the devil are among the many classic horror tropes subverted and reimagined in This Fresh Hell, in settings from the Australian outback and a New Orleans bayou to a beach in West Java and the Valley of the Queens.

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A green cover with a white woman looking at the viewer, her finger to her lips in a hushing manner; also included: the silhouette of a wolf and of London's skyline

The She-Wolf of Baker Street by Narrelle M. Harris
(due August 2023)

After Sherlock Holmes “rescues” Audrey Hudson from a kidnapper, Audrey offers him her upstairs flat in exchange for solving the unsolved murder of her family in Edinburgh. Sherlock’s being forced to theorise without data, however – he doesn’t know his new landlady and her late family are werewolves. His attractive new flatmate, John Watson, has secrets too.

Sherlock’s investigations suggest a much bigger mystery is at play, involving a disturbing case on Dartmoor with a Greek interpreter; Sherlock’s agoraphobic sister, Myca; Audrey’s long-dead love, Ruby Stockton; and the fate of Great Britain’s mystic heart.

Will Holmes be able to unravel the mysteries that have haunted Audrey’s life? And can Audrey protect her new pack, or is she about to lose those she loves once again to unknown enemies in The She-Wolf of Baker Street?

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