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Books in the Wild: The Only One in the World

A library table with signs reading "warm winter reads" and on that table is the book The Only One in the World, edited by Narrelle M Harris
By Narrelle M Harris 

What a bright bloom of delight and pride I felt when a friend sent me this image and I saw my anthology highlighted at Sydenham Library like this!

I love each of the stories in The Only One in the World so much! All of my incredible writers explored the concept of what Holmes and Watson would be like if they came from a different cultural background in such fascinating ways.

The Only One in the World goes beyond pastiche for me – nothing wrong with pastiche of course, but this book isn't about trying to re-create Conan Doyle's (or John Watson's) voice, but bringing fresh perspectives to beloved characters. Any time I see someone embracing the concept, it gives me a warm rush of fondness for the writers, the characters and the readers!

Narrelle M Harris is the editor of The Only One in the World, along with several pending anthologies. Narrelle is also the author of a dozen novels, including Kitty & Cadaver, as well as short stories like those in Who Sleuthed It? and Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging (Volume Blue). Check out Narrelle's website here.

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