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Who Sleuthed It?

Who Sleuthed It?


Who Sleuthed It? is the book you want when you want a book about animals helping their animal friends – or their human sidekicks – solve a host of diabolical crimes and whimsical mysteries.

Why, let us tell you about it in rhyme:

Penguins and humans and dogs run by
Magpies, hawks, owls and pigs that fly…
Weredogs and cats and rats are why…
Dragonflies, starlings, and cockies flash by
Foxes and spiders and bats… oh my
Fingers and wings and paws, all solving…
Mysteries and crimes and…
Good grief

This forthcoming anthology from Clan Destine Press features a host of Australian, American, and Irish authors, including:

Atlin Merrick
Chuck McKenzie
CJ McGumbleberry
Craig Hilton
David Greagg
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Fin J Ross
GV Pearce
Jack Fennell
Kat Clay
Kerry Greenwood
Lindy Cameron
Livia Day
LJM Owen
Louisa Bennet
Meg Keneally
Narrelle M Harris
Tor Roxburgh
Vikki Petraitis
Cover illustrated by Judith Rossell

Publishing in 2021

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