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Improbable Press

Improbable Press

Where Clan Destine Press is all about crime fiction, true crime, and gritty Australian mystery, CDP's imprint Improbable Press is about genres like contemporary supernatural, romance, sci-fi and more. Like Clan Destine, Improbable Press wants stories by and about women, LGBT+ people and other minority voices.

Improbable Press is accepting submissions for a wide-range of fiction check out their submission guidelines.


Clan Destine Press acquired Improbable Press as their first imprint in early 2019 and Clan Destine's publisher Lindy Cameron says the reason for that is this:

"I love what Improbable Press does, and I knew working with Atlin, Improbable's acquisitions editor, would be a hoot."

A perfect compliment to Clan Destine, Improbable Press specialises in romantic and erotic fiction in every and any genre, with a focus on characters who are women, LGBTQIA+, people of colour, neurodivergent, differently-abled…voices from whom we want to hear more, much more!

Whether the protagonists are two robots and a differently-abled human, a black ace person and a pansexual ghost, a trans white woman and a neurodivergent Asian man, Improbable Press is about banishing stereotypes, one book at a time. 

Sure, our characters deal with darkness and maybe their happily ever after is as simple as moving hand-in-hand through a post-apocalyptic world—the key is that every book Improbable Press publishes gives its characters adventure, romance, and ends with hope.

Visit Improbable Press' website and their books, then chat with their acquisitions editor Atlin Merrick to see what they're looking for—and perhaps submit a book of your own.

Improbable Press is waiting for you and your voice.