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About Us

Clan Destine Press is all about genre.

Genre fiction in its myriad and wondrous forms: crime, mystery, historical fiction, thrillers, adventure, speculative fiction, fantasy, science fiction, horror, urban fantasy, paranormal, steampunk, and ah-ha! – which is any combination of the aforementioned – for Adults and Young Adults.

We publish inventive, clever and original works of page-turning genre fiction; riveting cross-genre stories; and books that are heroic, questy, feral, dark, funny, spine-tingly, fast-paced, serious, silly and sensible.

Our authors are Australian and Clan Destine Press novels are straight, gay, queer, ancient, contemporary, gothic, retro, post-apocalyptic, earthbound and/or galactic.

We dabble in the non-fiction of true, but we specialise in genre fiction which – for some strange reason – means we also love fictional (& factional) cats, dogs, alpacas, cosmic toucans and Sawtoothed Bunnies.

We aim to publish new and exciting, plot-driven, boundary-pushing fiction with fully-fledged characters and a strong sense of place.

It is the prime objective of Clan Destine Press to uncover, foster and promote new Australian genre writers and to provide a home where already-published authors can move in and play in new worlds.

Lindy CameronLindy Cameron — Publisher
Lindy Cameron founded Clan Destine Press in 2010, with the aim of publishing the best Aussie genre fiction she can find. A writer and editor herself, she's since reached her publishing tentacles into New Zealand on the hunt for fresh Kiwi crime and horror, and to publish international writers of mystery, adventure and romance after acquiring Improbable Press in the U.S., too.

Narrelle M HarrisNarrelle M Harris — Editor
Narrelle Harris writes fiction as Narrelle M Harris. Narrelle has also been providing writing, proofreading, quality assurance editing, and editing services for almost 20 years, for clients ranging from business-to-business magazines and council websites, to universities and government departments. Narrelle edits books for Clan Destine Press and lives in Australia.

Atlin MerrickAtlin Merrick Editor
An editor and writer for twenty years Atlin Merrick (aka Wendy C Fries) is commissioning editor for Clan Destine Press' imprint Improbable Press. Atlin edits books for Clan Destine, manages social media promotion for CDP in the United States, and is the writer of two books of Sherlock Holmes fiction.

Dimitra StathopoulosDimitra Stathopoulos — Book Layout
Dimitra Stathopoulos hails from the wilds of Melbourne and likes to use her science degree to inform her baking and compost pile more than her work. She has been eyeballing other scientists' words for 18 years to make them readable, has written both science-y and fictional words of her own, and is now gently placing piles of words down in lovely tidy rectangles for Improbable Press.