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George Ivanoff: Clamour and Mischief's Author Spotlight

Clamour and Mischief authors George Ivanoff

Author George Ivanoff in a book-fille study, he has long brown hair, pale skin, wears a button down grey shirt while smiling at the camera

We're delighted to have George Ivanoff's "Murder of Crows" in our Clamour and Mischief anthology, and hope you head to our YouTube channel to listen to George reading from his story.

What is the most unexpected tidbit you learned while researching your story?

I’ve always associated certain collective nouns with particular birds, like murder with crows and parliament with owls. I never realised that so many birds actually had multiple collective nouns. As well as a murder, crows can be a mob, a horde, a cawcus, a clan, a brood, or a number of other terms depending on which part of the world you live in. Owls can be wisdom, a jury, a study, a bazaar or a glaring.

What was your favourite thing about writing a story for Clamour and Mischief?

I enjoyed writing my story in the style of kids’ fairytale, but with murder and violence. Lots of fun!

Which is your favourite corvid and why?

I wrote about crows, simply because I wanted to write a story with the title “Murder of Crows”. But they are not my favourites. My favourite corvids would have to be Australian Magpies, mostly because of their swooping reputation. I love the fierce protective nature behind the swooping. And I adore that the magpies’ swooping because, like so many other things in the magnificent country of Australia, it seems to terrify the tourists.

My website is

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George Ivanoff is a Melbourne author who’s written more than 100 books for kids and teens, including the Gamers trilogy, the interactive You Choose series, the RFDS Adventures, the OTHER WORLDS series, and the non-fiction Survival Guides; as well as a ton of school readers and educational books.
George’s books and stories have been shortlisted for numerous awards and he’s even managed to win a few of them. Occasionally he has a go at writing stuff for grown-ups, like the story in this anthology, ‘cause it gives him the chance to be dark and violent.
George drinks too much coffee, eats too much chocolate and watches too much Doctor Who. He has one wife, two children and an uncontrollable imagination. Check out his website for more info:

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