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Tamara M Bailey: Clamour and Mischief's Author Spotlight

Clamour and Mischief authors Tamara M Bailey

A smiling black and white photo of Tamara M Bailey, a dark-haired, white woman. She sits outside in a garden, smiling and holding a glass of wine

Just as our anthology Clamour and Mischief is all about corvids of every feather, so too our quick Q&As with each author appearing in the anthology. Here Tamara M Bailey talks about her story "The Devil's Teeth," and reads from her tale, too!

What is the most unexpected tidbit you learned while researching your story? 

 The blue jay is considered an arrogant trickster and liar in several cultures – turns out they’re not as cute and innocent as I thought!

What was your favourite thing about writing a story for Clamour & Mischief?

I got to write a murder mystery set in a fantasy world. So much fun!

Which is your favourite corvid and why?

There are so many vibrant and beautiful corvids out there. I haven’t encountered most of them, which makes this question difficult to answer. But I’m going to go with the basic answer – a crow. Because, honestly? They’re scary as hell, there seem to be more and more of them as the years go by, and I’ve always privately imagined they’ll take over the world one day. Got to admire that.

Here's a link to my website

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Tamara M Bailey (also known as Tamara Moss) is a West Australian author of adult and children's books. Her adult books, written as Tamara M Bailey, include The Other Olivia with Improbable Press, and Blood & Stone with Clan Destine Press. Lintang and the Pirate Queen, written as Tamara Moss, is the first book in her middle grade series and has won the WAYRBA Hoffman Award in 2019, was a 2018 Notable for the CBCA, and received a starred review from the School Library Journal in the US.

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