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Dannye Chase: Clamour and Mischief's Author Spotlight

Clamour and Mischief authors Dannye Chase

Dannye Chase, writer, standing by the ocean on a bright day, her brown hair windblown, her pale face adorned with sunglasses

In our Clamour and Mischief Q&A we ask Dannye Chase, author of "Branwen and the Three Ravens," to share what inspired and delighted her in writing her story, and then  Dannye shares a reading from it too.

What is the most unexpected tidbit you learned while researching your story?

I learned that there was actually an opera based on The Seven Ravens, the fairy tale which I retold, in 1844.

What was your favourite thing about writing a story for Clamour & Mischief?

I loved getting to research fairy tales and remember old favorites. There are so many wonderful tales about crows and ravens, and it was fun to see what stories people told about them in the past. They often deal with humans turning into birds, and it's usually a misfortune or punishment. But there's also got to be a measure of freedom and power in it, being able to fly and escape human obligations.

Which is your favourite corvid and why?

My favorite corvid is the crow, because it's got this reputation for being both extremely clever and also an omen of death or misfortune. I love the idea of darkness with an intelligence.

My link to share is

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Danny Chase is a writer of queer romance, fantasy, and horror, all of which often contain monsters. Dannye and live in the US Pacific Northwest, where they are excitedly awaiting their first Bigfoot encounter. Dannye is much easier to find: check out, and @DannyeChase on Twitter & Facebook. You can also find Dannye's work in the anthology Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging (Volume Blue) through our imprint Improbable Press.

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