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Lousia Bennet talks about her Monty Dog Detective series

Louisa Bennet Monty & Me Monty Dog Detective The Bone Ranger

Ruff ruff!

Hear ye, hear ye! Clan Destine Press' very own Louisa Bennet joined Good Read to talk about the latest in her "Monty Dog Detective" books, which began with Monty & Me, and now continuing with the recent release of The Bone Ranger, the second in the series.

Louisa Bennet's Monty Dog Detective mystery series

Louisa talks about her food-obsessed pup Monty, a lovely a loving Golden Retriever who will do anything for his owner, Detective Constable Rose Sidebottom, including join her in solving mysteries while also helping Rose get through her struggles with anxiety.

In her chat with Good Read's Dave, Bennet talks about her writing inspirations, why she set her Monty books in England though she's now a proud Aussie these last two decades, just who these cosy mysteries are for, and what makes them funny.

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Louisa also talks a bit about the thriller she's writing under her L.A. Larkin pseudonym, that book no doubt joining her previous thrillers, including Prey, Thirst, and Devour.

You can order The Bone Ranger in hardback, ebook, or paperback from Clan Destine o' course, and Monty & Me through Improbable Press, our daughter publisher in the United States.

And don't worry, you can read Louisa's Monty books in any order while you wait with delight for book three in the Monty Dog Detective series!

Give a listen to Louisa's interview now:


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  • Louisa on

    Thanks for sharing my interview. I hope everyone enjoys it!

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