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The Only One in the World: Andrea L Farley Interview

Andrea L Farley The Only One in the World: A Sherlock Holmes Anthology

The Only One in the World: Andrea L Farley Interview

In The Only One in the World Clan Destine Press is fortunate enough to have each story illustrated by artist Andrea L Farley. We asked Andrea what she enjoyed about illustrating the anthology.

How do you feel about Sherlock Homes – any iteration, whether book, film, or TV?

There's so much to love! It started with watching "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" by Granada Television with Jeremy Brett when I was a little kid, and it just kind of went from there. I adore seeing new adaptations and interpretations and fanworks based on it, in any medium.

Andrea's artwork:
an editor's eye view from Narrelle M Harris

What was the most interesting part of drawing for The Only One in the World?

I loved seeing all the different interpretations of what makes a story essentially Holmesian, and the sheer variety of objects the writers found emblematic for their stories was wonderful!

What was your favourite thing you learned drawing for The Only One in the World?

I (re) learned that, despite being musical I really don't like drawing musical instruments; they're beautiful, but so complicated! Honestly that extends to most man-made objects as well; straight lines are the devil. Give me a nice portrait of a person or animal any day. Also, bees are really, really fuzzy!

More about Andrea:

Andrea's current projects include more illustrating, as well as a few book covers. Over the long term, Andrea intends on expanding her portrait work, as well as finding the best way to sell fanwork prints.

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