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Things Improbable

Things Improbable


In Things Improbable you may find the apocalypse is not as upsetting as expected and that golems are good at carrying luggage. Look and you'll see today's divinities beside demons, along with hungry bone fairies and a bigfoot immortal.

Here a Māori monster is not quite so monstrous, and a fallen angel a bit less than angelic. You can look through the eyes of a Korean boy one spooky city night, find a rougarou cure, or solve a really very tiny library crime.

Whatever improbable things you seek, open these covers and take a peek. Ghosts, giants, and changelings await.

With more than two dozen stories, Things Improbable is edited by Atlin Merrick and includes tales by:

  • A.J. Rocca: WRR S639847 E1
  • Archer Beau: Where Shore Meets Sea
  • B.C. Fontaine: Nemesis
  • Calen Macdonald: What's Growing in Fort Cunningham
  • Carman Curton: The Taste of Stars; Stay; The Last Giant
  • Dan Micklethwaite: Adonis in Furs
  • Dominick Cancilla: Instrument of Destruction
  • Edy Lue: At Dawn
  • Eli Hayden Loft: Pregnant; Vaguely Apocalyptic
  • Ellen Denton: Adam and Galeta
  • E. M. Lamdan: Changeling
  • Iris Black: Oddnoq
  • J Moffatt: Coiled on Shells of Loneliness
  • James Dick: The Leafer
  • Jamie Perrault: Not All, But a Few
  • Jen Frankel: Entrée
  • Jennifer Lee Rossman: The Flatwoods Monster and the Little Green Men
  • Jeremy Pak Nelson: The Other Mid-Autumn
  • Joanna Marsh: To Be Human
  • Kelly Stronach: Sluagh
  • Kellye Guinan: The Reason for Lingering
  • Laura J Kelly: The Scent of Change
  • Laura Simons: (Irreconcilable Divinities)
  • Lee F Patrick: The Defender
  • Mara Lynn Johnstone: The Bone Fairies
  • Naomi Eselojor: Krest
  • Patrick Hurley: Sung Heroes
  • Sarah Tollok: Flower
  • Stacy Noe: The Creeping Horror
  • Summer Austin: The Sparkhunter
  • Thomas Badlan: Taniwha
  • Věra Benedeková: The Ripening

9780645002102 (hardback)
9781922904232 (paperback)
9781922904249 (ebook)

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