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Sherlock is a Girl's Name

Sherlock is a Girl's Name


What would the Great Detective be like if Sherlock Holmes was a woman?

That's the question answered in Sherlock is a Girls’ Name, an anthology imagining Sherlock Holmes as female, in tall tales that follow the great detective across time and even space.

The stories in this collection, selected by long-time Sherlockian editors Narrelle M. Harris and Atlin Merrick, imagine Holmes in deep space, 1990s Russia, Victorian London, contemporary USA, worlds of magic and more.

Holmes' many Watsons include ghosts, robots, a young boy who doesn’t speak, a teenage tuba player, a stranger on a plane – and that's just to start. In each story Holmes and her Watson do what they do best: solve crimes and have adventures!

Anthology authors include:

Tansy Rayner Roberts, Eugen Bacon, Sarah Tollok, Verity Burns,
Dannye Chase, Kenzie Lappin, JD Cadmon, Stacy Lawhorne, Karen J. Carlisle,
Katya de Becerra, Millie Billingsworth, Narrelle M. Harris, and Atlin Merrick.

978-1-922904-71-3 (paperback)
978-1-922904-72-0 (ebook)

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