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Clan Destine Press Podcasts—Is it time?

Clan Destine Press Podcasts

What would you think about a Clan Destine Press podcast?

You already know we've got nearly one hundred books of great writing, from Australian crime fiction by writers like Sandy Curtis and Lindy Cameron, Aussie true crime from authors like Vikki Petraitis and Emily Webb, historical fiction by Kerry Greenwood, erotic and mystery fiction from Mary Borsellino and Narrelle M Harris, and don't get us started (do, do get us started!) on the award-winning stories in our long-running Scarlet Stiletto series.

Clan Destine Press Podcasts — Is it time?So what would you think about a regular podcast series talking about the books we've got, the books that are coming, and interviews with our writers and other publishing professionals?

We'd also talk about writing markets, contests, calls for submissions we've heard through the grapevine and our editors would share tips on what they love to see in an author's pitch.

The best podcast is the one you help build so tell us what you'd tune in to hear and how often you'd want to hear it. Comments below are great, or email Clan Destine Press' assistant media maven, Atlin Merrick, and tell us what kind of podcast you want and the topics you'd love.

In the meantime, here are a few podcasts courtesy of Clan Destine Press' sister organisation Sisters in Crime Australia.

Crime and Punishment Podcasts: Sisters in Crime Talk! 

'High Adventure' at The Davitt Awards

Named after Ellen Davitt, the author of Australia’s first mystery novel, Force and Fraud, in 1865 — were created to honour the best crime books by Australian women crime writers. New Zealand author Joanne Drayton spoke to Arts Alive’s Vincent O’Donnell when she was in Melbourne to present Sisters in Crime 19th Davitt Awards on 31 August 2019.

Have a listen to the programme, syndicated to 40+ community radio stations across Australia. The interview is about 20 minutes and credits go to Vincent O’Donnell and Joanne Drayton.

Sisters in Crime Past Imperfect

Kill Your Darlings joined Sisters in Crime to celebrated the debut novels of Dervla McTiernan (The Rúin), Sarah Schmidt (See What I Have Done) and Katherine Kovacic (The Portrait of Molly Dean). Listen in as they discuss the mix of historical facts and speculation that fuelled their criminally good reads with chair Robyn Walton. This event was recorded live at Melbourne’s Rising Sun Hotel on April 6 2018.

Law Week at RMIT

Professor Bronwyn Naylor from RMIT University hosted a panel that included  Detective Senior Sergeant Marnie Johnstone, the Officer-in-Charge of the Serious Sex Offender Specialist Response Unit, Sergeant Kirei Wall who heads a team of Specialist Sex Offence Prosecutors, and Belinda Wallington, Supervising Magistrate for Sexual Offences.

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