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Enter the Webb…of Crime Fiction Friday

Emily Webb Podcasts

If you’re always looking for your next thriller or whodunnit, we've found what you're looking for.

Crime Fiction Friday with Emily Webb

Emily Webb (writer and co-host of Australian True Crime Podcast) and writer of Angels of Death, is now hosting the podcast  Crime Fiction Friday.

Webb will be talking to some of the today's most successful authors in the crime fiction genre, she'll get the nitty gritty on how these writers create their characters, their stories, and their crime scenes. Listeners will also get the low-down on new writers on the true crime scene, too.

Emily Webb is a journalist, author, and the writer of Angels of Death, with Clan Destine Press. An updated collection of real life crimes, Angels of Death explores murders committed in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries – the very places where lives are supposed to be healed or saved. The ever-busy Webb's true crime collection Murder in Suburbia is being released by Clan Destine, too.

Subscribe to Emily Webb's Crime Fiction Friday podcast and get your next whodunnit fix.

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