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I Haven't Forgotten... (Writing Prompts)

Writing Prompts

A bit late on the uptick this week, a thousand pardons. Always our goal is to provide piping hot prompts to inspire you on Monday, then one to wind up the week on Thursday over at our daughter publication, Improbable Press.

We're here at last and jump in Aussie crime writers, the prompt water is fine with:

I Haven't Forgotten... (writing prompts)

Last week the a red herring writing prompt led to some gorgeous story starts, including:

~ Bill Stone is built like an undernourished ferret. His associate, Gaz Herring (known as Red to his mates and the police) is built like an over-nourished four year old, all round, short softness and guileless eyes. Do not, under any circumstances, let that fool you.

~ All three of us seem to lose the last bit of strength we had and one after the other we drop to the ground where we stand…We have crossed the barren lands following a promise that turned out to be as empty as the sky. There is nowhere left to go.

~ It’s my first day on the job. Can’t be late. There’s no time to pick the stone from me shoe. I used that time up getting back on my feet and shouting at a nearby ewe who stared back as though I was the one in the wrong. She was probably right.

~ Sionna will come for us soon. We’ve seen the goddess roiling the water a couple times. There’s a war going on under there, one we can’t help her fight with our puny little air-hungry lungs. But we’ll be here when she rises, when the war gets run to ground. We’ll be ready.

Red Herrings and Prompts to Help You Write

I have to say what I'll say always — trying times like these or no — your stories here are a gift I gleefully unwrap each week and I hope very much that they are a respite for you, these little moments of creation, that perhaps, when you're ready, they'll inspire you to grander creations, bigger stories, odes or poems or art or however it is you sing your creativity.

Have a look above at those bright squares and the words in them. Ignore whatever doesn't call you and lean in close to what does and tell us something. Tell us an invincible tale, unforgotten, from the ground control of your home, vector due north. Know, as ever, that what you share here remains fully yours ever and ever amen.

What will you share today?

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  • Wendy / Atlin on

    They said it was a story invincible, that age would not wither our victory, nor time leave the tale unforgotten.

    They lied.

    We followed the star, vector north-by-northwest, made landfall, made history, the world cheered and praised, we were famous, hell even the more gregarious of ground control shared the limelight.

    We brought home riches, they told us, treasure invaluable.

    And look what they’ve done with it. I remember when they said we brought back hope, yet look at the wasteland around you. Do you see what they’ve done?

    Do you remember how it could have been? Do you?

    I do. I haven’t forgotten. I never will.

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