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Oh, not again... (Writing Prompts)

Writing Prompts

And the reports are in!

I am an idiot!

I accidentally deleted three stories written for last week's prompt and you know what happens when you do stuff like that by mistake? You do not make that mistake again.

When I get 50 spam messages I now sit there with one eye twitching, making sure I don't delete NOT SPAM. I apologise L and T and a third person, please know it wasn't intentional and I hope you come back and write again.

Now! The other reports are in and those reports are these:

These prompts work! So some private comments have told me, with words like "They're a lovely thing to look forward to." "They are fun." People, I am told by the people who told me, are telling their friends about the writing prompts too.

And those people have started to write. 

Oh, not again (writing prompts)


Be One of Them! Ship That Ship With the Worm With Your Writing!

I don't even know what I mean but I hope you do, I hope something's in your head already and you're all "stop talking I need to start writing" and I will, sure will, but first, here are some gems from last week's dirty deeds prompt. Then it's you, all you!

Jase couldn’t afford a getaway car, and anyway, none of them had a driver’s licence, so his best friend Max waited outside the ratty house on a getaway bicycle.
It seemed so innocuous. So small. It’s just an egg. Not even one of those jumbos, just a little one, maybe an ounce and change.
Someone suddenly knocks on the glass. It’s the cleaning person...she stares at me, I stare back. Then she waves, actually waves, at me and what does she think I am going to do? Wave back?
I wave back.

This won’t stand. It’s not what I’d bargained for, this angry heartbreak, weeks ago when I made my offering to the earth.
He won’t get away, not this time.
The best part though? It has a door that locks. Twenty-two feet by 8. 176 square feet of private space. Why the fuck didn’t I think of this sooner?
All that is here
Dirty deeds imparted
Have no fear
I only farted
Back when we were an item, things got back to me. Things I’d rather not have believed about him. Things I’d rather hadn’t been believed about me…
ATLIN: Yes I did once leave hard-cooked eggs in a car, thinking that because they’d been boiled they were fine for a day or two.
NARRATOR: They were not fine.
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  • Gen on

    Ben opened the email with a sense of anticipation he hadn’t felt since his college running career—it was just like knowing he was on the home stretch and no one could possibly catch up with him.
    “Dear sir,” the email began, and he could already hear Armie’s snide tones dripping from every syllable. “I cannot believe that after the box of candy penises and the sample of elephant faeces, that you would escalate to shipping me THIS kind of filth.”
    Ben wriggled with delight, just as the three kilos of earth worms that he’d shipped to Armie’s house would probably be wriggling across his carpet right about now. He read eagerly onto the next paragraph.
    “I knew you had artistic talent Mr Solo—I’ve seen your graffiti all over campus—but I didn’t know you drew comic books.”
    Oh no. He’d messed up the addresses again.
    “I wasn’t even aware that there was a market for autobiographical erotica in comic book form but I’ve managed to find buyers for fifty of the two hundred copies you’ve so kindly shipped to me.”
    There was a knock on the door. Somehow Ben knew what the mailman would be bringing him today, and it wouldn’t be comic books.

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