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Vikki Petraitis' Life of Crime

Lindy Cameron Inside the Law New Release Vikki Petraitis

Announcing the arrival of Inside the Law, the latest book by Vikki Petraitis – a true crime memoir about her quarter of a century of researching and writing about real life crime. Vikki Petraitis had no idea that writing a book about a strange murder on Phillip Island would give her a second career alongside her chosen profession as a school teacher. Since 1993 she has spent thousands of hours with experts, survivors, victims and families, to tell the true stories of “real people, real grief, real loss, real horror”. Vikki accompanied police and crime scene professionals on active duty...

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Horror Australis: Martians Attack Australia!

Lindy Cameron

War of the Worlds - Battleground Australia When the monstrous metal tripods of H. G. Wells’ late 1890’s science fiction tale were destroying Britain, were other Martian invaders creating havoc elsewhere on the globe, and specifically, what would have happened if they’d stomped across that isolated ‘colonial backwater’, Australia?  That question electrified three writer-editors who specialise in packaging books for the Mystery-Horror-SF market: Steve Proposch, Christopher Sequeira and Bryce Stevens, collectively aka ‘Horror Australis’ or HA. The three reached into their virtual rolodexes and the end-result was that some of the biggest names in genre and literary fiction in the...

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Improbable Press Acquired by Clan Destine Press

Lindy Cameron Improbable Press

Clan Destine Press is expanding! Recently Australian-based CDP acquired small UK publisher Improbable Press. IP brings adventure-mystery-romance novels, a focus on LGBTQIA+ voices and stories, and a thirst for new authors and readers. Visit Clan Destine's new imprint today — Improbable Press

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