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Tales of love and lust between heroic men
 of the human and no-so human kind.

Kerry Greenwood's take on a host of myths, legends and fairy tales are all imbued with a wonderful sense of time and place.

There may be vampires, minotaurs, wolves, selkies and wizards in these pages but they all add up to a wonderful collection of happy-ever-after male-male love stories.

The third in a 3-book series, following Herotica: Adventures in Love & Time vols 1 & 2, Mytherotica explores myth and legend in 23 stories of adventure, romance, lust and, above all, love.
Kerry Greenwood—the creator of the fabulous Phryne Fisher and Corinna Champan—is also the author, for Clan Destine Press, of Out of the Black Land; The Delphic Women trilogy: Medea, Cassandra and Electraand Salmancis.

978-0-9943538-4-9 (ebook)

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