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Walking Shadows

Walking Shadows


In Narrelle M. Harris' Walking Shadows, Lissa Wilson’s world gets turned upside-down.

A year ago vampires murdered people she cared about, and tried to kill her too.  On the plus side, she made a new friend. Gary Hooper might be Melbourne’s (or the world’s) least impressive vampire, but he may be her best friend, ever.  Without meaning to, he changed her and he taught her the value of her life. Lissa has changed Gary, too. He’s not really sure what it means: and he still has secrets that might end their friendship.

When hardcore vampire killers begin killing off Melbourne’s vampire population, Lissa's undead bestie is on the hit list and she throws herself into danger to protect someone who should be perfectly capable of protecting himself. And Gary finds that the ways he’s changing might make him more human – if they don’t get him killed.

Everyone has secrets; everyone gets trapped by their history. How many can learn how to change? How many will live long enough to try?

Walking Shadows is the second book in the Vampires of Melbourne series, which starts with The Opposite of Life.

9781922904775 (ebook epub)

Praise for Vampires of Melbourne

‘Lissa Wilson is a wonderful character…
she rings true.'
 – Charlaine Harris, author
Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood novels

'I came to greatly admire Lissawho concludes
that life needs passion, even if it hurts'

Dannye Chase

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