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Atlin Merrick

Atlin Merrick

Atlin is the author of of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson: The Night They Met, 19 romantic re-imaginings of other ways Holmes and Watson could have met, with stories set in every decade from the 1880s to the 2100s.

Atlin is also the author of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson: The Day They Met, 50 re-imaginings of other ways the legendary friendship of John Watson and Sherlock Holmes might have begun with 25 canon-era stories and 25 contemporary tales.

Atlin Merrick is the comissioning editor for Improbable Press, she's gleeful about Dublin, encouraging new writers, and lattes. You can find Atlin on Twitter.

Praise for Atlin Merrick

"Atlin Merrick foxtrots with language and the results
are witty and stylish nuggets of joy. [Her] stories are in
turns, wonderfully cheeky ... poignantly sweet ...
and damn funny."
- Melbourne Review of Books

"Merrick is such a charismatic writer.
Her words are magical."
- Sara Dobie Bauer
author of The Escape Trilogy