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Fin J Ross

Fin J RossApparently Fin J Ross' A.K.A. Fudgepuddle is called a work of fantasy by some, but Fin knows better. A.K.A. Fudgepuddle is, after all, a biography, a journal, and a memoir, so it’s not really even fiction. It is, in fact, the true-life adventures of a demanding cat called Megsy who insisted Fin translate her story into English… sort of.

Fin’s first published book is the true crime anthology Killer in the Family, co-written with her big sister Lindy Cameron.

Fin divides her time between cats and writing. As the owner of a boarding cattery on the beautiful Gippsland Lakes, the former often takes precedence. But when her days aren't spent feeding, grooming and cleaning up after cats (and getting plenty of blood-pressure lowering furry-purry hugs), Fin also works part-time as a journalist.

After starting her working life as a cadet journalist on a country newspaper, followed by 10 years on suburban papers, Fin J Ross discovered the joy of turning a bit of wood into a work of art. She and her husband Steve then ran a woodworking business for 10 years. They also manufacture cat havens so that other cat lovers can let their precious felines ‘out’ but always know where they are.

Back on a small country newspaper again, it seems her life has come full circle – although it is now graced by the coming and going of other people’s beautiful cats and a desire to write for herself.

And now a funny thing's happened on the way to finishing her first mystery. Fin J Ross has been sidetracked into writing a novel about well, cats. She figures it’s a natural progression, given she now knows it’s impossible to write without a cat on her lap.

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