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G.V. Pearce

G.V. Pearce, writer


G.V. Pearce is a mysterious being said to haunt the North York Moors, but is otherwise as yet unclassified by science.

Rumour has it that they can be summoned by leaving coffee in a faery circle at midnight.

G.V.'s books with Improbable Press include their Sherlockian mystery Ghost Story and Strangest Day So Far, an Eldritch Roads novel.

Praise for G.V. Pearce

"GV Pearce has written us a wonderfully atmospheric,
beautifully paced book…[Ghost Story] is deftly
wound together in a conclusion that satisfies."
Narrelle M Harris

"I am hoping for more stories from
G. V. Pearce in the future
Margy's Musings

"I really enjoyed getting to know Pearce’s
modern day re-imagining of both
Sherlock Holmes and John Watson"

Strangest Day So Far by GV Pearce – an Eldritch Roads novel Ghost Story by G.V. Pearce