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Goldie Alexander

Goldie AlexanderGoldie Alexander may be celebrating her first novel – That Stranger Next Door a YA historical – with Clan Destine Press but she is the author of more than 70 books.

Goldie writes for young adults, children and adults; she has played in every genre – historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, romance and mysteries; and she's been published both in Australia and overseas.

That Stranger Next Door is a YA romance – between a Jewish girl and a Cartholic boy – set in Melbourne in 1954. The world is still recovering from WWII and even in Australia the Cold War sees suspicions running high and the threat of spies hiding in every shadow.

For children, Goldie Alexander is best known for her story about the First Fleet - My Australian Story: Surviving Sydney Cove.

Her other historical fictions include: Mavis Road Medley; Body and Soul: Lilbet’s Romance; The Youngest Cameleer; and the junior novel Gallipoli Medals.

Her fiction for adults includes Penelope's Ghost; and her non-fiction, Mentoring Your Memoir.

When she's not writing, bird watching, knitting and walking, Goldie facilitates creative writing workshops in schools, mentors emerging authors, and runs memoir writing classes.

You can also visit Goldie Alexander's website.