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Leslie Falkiner-Rose

Leslie Falkiner-Rose

Leslie Falkiner-Rose is a journalist, strategist and author who never expected to write a book like Why Us? Why Not.

Leslie's earlier books include Women Talking Money (Wiley); stories in the true crime anthologies Outside the Law 2 and 3 (Five Mile Press) and, in 2022, Tell Us: What are you doing? Improving how you communicate your academic research, relevance and expertise (Australian Business Deans Council).

Leslie joined The Age newspaper as a cadet journalist at age 17 and later became a radio and television reporter for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

She’s also worked as a reporter, feature writer and producer for many Australian and international media organisations. She now focuses on strategic communications, digital content creation, philanthropic ventures, and writing her first novel.

She lives with her family in Melbourne, Australia with her husband (and co-writer of Why Us? Why Not, Peter Falkiner-Rose).