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Louisa Bennet

Louisa Bennet profile picture with Pickles the Golden Retriever

Louisa studied Literature at the University of London and went on to learn Canine Linguistics from her Golden Retriever, Pickles, which is how she discovered what dogs really get up to when we’re not around. Truth be told, the beloved and much-missed Pickles came up with the idea for the Monty Dog Detective Mysteries, and Louisa just transcribed it. She was faster on the keyboard and less easily distracted by food and passing squirrels.

There are now three humorous mysteries starring Monty the Dog Detective and his hooman pal, Rose Sidebottom: Monty & Me, The Bone Ranger and The Nosy Detectives.

Louisa’s golden retrievers Lilly and Tigger continue to be the inspiration for this feel-good series.

Louisa also writes crime-thrillers as L.A. Larkin – with Prey published by Clan Destine Press – and teaches crime writing at the Australian Writers’ Centre.

The Nosy Detectives is her tenth novel.

Get more Monty the sniffer super-sleuth books, including Monty and Me (CDP's version available only in the US) and The Bone Ranger.