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Mary Borsellino

Mary BorsellinoMary Borsellino lives in Melbourne and has a lot of tattoos.

Her two main genres of fiction writing are erotica and dark young adult fantasy/supernatural, and she also occasionally puts her creaky old media studies degree to good use and writes pop culture analysis, too.

Thrive - Mary's much anticipated YA speculative fiction adventure is now available. And Thrive is one of those YA novels suitable for all ages - 15 to 105.

Mary has a story in Q : the Queermance anthology, as well as the erotic titles Loveless, Min Min Lights and Vanilla. Masquerading as Isobel Dorian she is also the co-author, with Cara Donovan, of Table for Three.

Mary Borsellino is also the author of The Devil's Mixtape, and The Wolf House, a five-book series.

You can visit Mary at her website.

And Then Vol. 2Thrive By Mary BorsellinoTable for ThreeLoveless by Mary Borsellino