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Natalie Conyer

Natalie Conyer

Natalie Conyer was born and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, but now lives in Sydney with Henry, the world’s most affable cat.

Her debut crime novel, Present Tense, is set in Cape Town. It’s a hard-boiled police procedural about an ordinary cop trying to find his way in a thrilling and dangerous country.

Natalie has loved and read crime fiction all her life, so much so she chucked in a perfectly respectable career to write it. Her short stories have won several awards in the Scarlet Stiletto competition run by Sisters in Crime Australia.

Natalie Conyer is also in the last stages of a Doctor of Creative Arts in (of course) crime fiction. Don't forget to visit Natalie's blog.

5-star praise for Present Tense

Present Tense: pick of the week.
- The Age,
The Sydney Morning Herald

"So well written…I look forward
to a second in the series"
- Enid Lacob

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