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Tamara M Bailey

Writer Tamara M Bailey author of The Other Olivia

Tamara M Bailey (also known as Tamara Moss) is a West Australian author of adult and children's books.

Her adult books, written as Tamara M Bailey, include The Other Olivia with Improbable Press, and Blood & Stone with Clan Destine Press, these thriller and fantasy-crime novels are out in Tamara's very busy 2022.

Lintang and the Pirate Queen, written as Tamara Moss, is the first book in her middle grade series and has won the WAYRBA Hoffman Award in 2019, was a 2018 Notable for the CBCA, and received a starred review from the School Library Journal in the US.

Tamara is also a tutor and creates lesson plans for The School Magazine.

 A green and black cover. At the top the words 'Life will find a way' and below it a technological-looking tree and below it in mirror form, it is the same tree made out of ones and zeroes; in the title The Other Olivia, there is a fetus inside the O of Olivia.