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The conclusion to Jane Routley's The Dion Chronicles takes the mage Dion Holyhands across the ocean to Aramaya, the centre of civilisation, in search of her missing niece, Syndal.

Dion and her friend Kitten survive shipwreck to reach Akieva, the glorious and corrupt capital of decadent Aramaya, where they find Syndal caught in a thrall of deceit and necromancy within the magnificent Winter Palace.

At the centre of this web lurks Dion’s arch enemy Bedazzer, the ruthless demon who has vowed to possess her – no matter the cost.

In the ensuing deadly conflict, Dion must confront the dark secrets of her own heart and the might evil concealed in those around her.

Jane Routley's Aramaya won the 1999 Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel.

The Dion Chronicles: Mage Heart, Fire Angels and Aramaya.

9780987160409 (paperback)
9780987160409 (ebook)

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