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Melbourne Spotlight journalist Kim Prescott is promoted to the TV reporting staff after the program’s exposé of the Tugga’s Mob murders in Australia and New Zealand.

The story, a ratings bonanza, raised the TV show’s profile, and generated new story ideas and leads from the public.

One tip-off, if true, will horrify the nation all over again. Despite the scandal that nearly closed the industry, this anonymous lead suggests that live-baiting in greyhound racing is still going on.

The story trail leads Kim and her camera crew to the Victorian gold-mining ghost town of Steiglitz. They find horrific scenes at a trainer’s starting boxes – but not at all what they expect.

Meanwhile, production assistant Jo becomes the pawn of an activist with a vendetta, testing whether her loyalty lies with the current affairs team or her lover.

Most desperate of all, hope finally flickers for a woman who scratches the record of her captivity into a cellar wall.

Boxed is the riveting sequel to Stephen Johnson's debut crime novel Tugga's Mob, also with Clan Destine Press.

978-0-6450021-7-1 (paperback)
978-0-6450426-8-9 (ebook)

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