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Subverting Horror Tropes: This Fresh Hell

A black cover with drawn pink flowers as well as artwork of a human heart and

Clan Destine Press is delighted to announce the imminent publication of its new anthology: This Fresh Hell, edited by Katya de Becerra and Narrelle M. Harris. This twisted take on horror presents nineteen stories by 20 emerging and established writers from around the world.

Discover something fresh in horror

Cursed dolls, siren calls, malignant houses, highway hauntings, isolated communities and attempts to summon the devil are among the many classic horror tropes subverted and reimagined in This Fresh Hell, in settings from the Australian outback and a New Orleans bayou to a beach in West Java and the Valley of the Queens.

Pre-order discounts!

This Fresh Hell is due for release in June 2023. Pre-order now in Australia or America, in anticipation of a delicious June chill and get a 20% discount on the hardcover, paperback or eBook.

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