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Always dreamed of writing crime fiction? L.A. Larkin wants to help.

Crime Fiction L.A. Larkin

By L.A. Larkin Always dreamed of writing crime fiction? I think I can help. Covid-19 and the ensuing lockdown has changed our lives in a way that none of us expected. It can also be a time for reflection. And perhaps new starts? In a recent Facebook Live interview with Valerie Khoo from the Australian Writers Centre, I talked a bit about why I started writing thrillers and mysteries. It was one of those moments when I sat back and asked myself this question: If I don’t try now to write a book, will I always regret it? For me,...

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Warthogs and All: Researching Prey, a South African Thriller

L.A. Larkin

by L.A. Larkin I have always been an adventurer and big traveller, so it was inevitable that I’d set my thrillers in exciting locations such as South Africa, which is one of the key settings in my new thriller Prey. England is the other key setting. I’m also a theme-based writer. Once I know the theme of the novel, then I create the characters who can best tell this particular story. The central character in Prey is investigative journalist Olivia Wolfe, who travels the world exposing heinous crimes. Olivia Wolfe's job means I can send her off anywhere I choose, as long...

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Working From Home: The Australian Crime Writers' Edition

L.A. Larkin Narrelle M Harris Natalie Conyer Stephen Johnson Working From Home

In lo, these unusual times, have you ever found yourself wondering how Australian and New Zealand crime writers focus their finely-tuned brains enough to pen their heart-pumping prose? Wonder no longer! How Do You Work From Home When You Write Crime (The Answers Involve a Pig)? [New South Wales] is not in total lock-down yet, so my tip would be walk your dog while you still can! Naturally, keep a safe distance from people when you do this. I find it energises me and giving my dogs a cuddle is very soothing. If you don’t have a dog, maybe run...

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