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Where does respect stop and censorship begin?

Atlin Merrick Natalie Conyer She Said/She Said

Natalie Conyer and Atlin Merrick share thoughts on writing, in their She Said/She Said series, entries alternating between Improbable Press and Clan Destine Press. NATALIE: Last month, Hachette New York cancelled plans to publish Woody Allen’s memoir. Allen, as you remember, has been accused of sexually abusing his daughter. Hachette’s decision came after Ronan Farrow, Allen’s son – whose expose of Harvey Weinstein was also published by Hachette – protested. Hachette staff walked out in sympathy and staff at other publishing houses supported them. I’m conflicted about this. I understand why Hachette cancelled the memoir, and agree that by publishing...

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Working From Home: The Australian Crime Writers' Edition

L.A. Larkin Narrelle M Harris Natalie Conyer Stephen Johnson Working From Home

In lo, these unusual times, have you ever found yourself wondering how Australian and New Zealand crime writers focus their finely-tuned brains enough to pen their heart-pumping prose? Wonder no longer! How Do You Work From Home When You Write Crime (The Answers Involve a Pig)? [New South Wales] is not in total lock-down yet, so my tip would be walk your dog while you still can! Naturally, keep a safe distance from people when you do this. I find it energises me and giving my dogs a cuddle is very soothing. If you don’t have a dog, maybe run...

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The Responsible Reader: The Mirror & the Light

Hilary Mantel Natalie Conyer

by Natalie Conyer How soon before you’re allowed to give up on a book?I’m reading Hilary Mantel’s latest, The Mirror and the Light. It’s the third in her Thomas Cromwell trilogy and I loved the first two so much I pre-ordered this one, probably before she finished writing it.But. At nearly a thousand pages, it’s a big read. And it’s detailed. Oh, so detailed. It’s got a cast of thousands, many of whom have titles different from their names. So I keep having to go back to the five-page list of characters to check. And do I really need to...

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