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Book Peek: Kitty & Cadaver by Narrelle M Harris

Book Peek Narrelle M Harris Sneak Peek

Book Peek: <em>Kitty & Cadaver</em> by Narrelle M Harris

A sneak book peek into Clan Destine Press' Kitty & Cadaver by Narrelle M Harris. Laszlo Kantor didn’t tell the five patrolling musicians that he thought they were preposterous, because he’d learned long ago to keep these opinions to himself, especially from preposterous people.The oddest at the moment was the Swede, Kurt, who had a tablet computer in one hand, open on an app that displayed a keyboard. He played it as he sang into the quiet buildings of this area of light industry.  Water, fire, air and earth  Let no evil cross this line  Weave a web, protect this...

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Book Peek: Inside Tugga's Mob by Stephen Johnson

Book Peek Sneak Peek Stephen Johnson

Book Peek: Inside <em>Tugga's Mob</em> by Stephen Johnson

A sneak book peek into Clan Destine Press' award-nominated Tugga's Mob by Stephen Johnson. June 1, 1986Day One: Judy Williams, from Waikato, New Zealand, is now officially in London. God, what a flight getting here: delays in Sydney and then Singapore, but we weren’t allowed to leave the airport. Such a long haul from Auckland to Heathrow, but it’s worth it to be in what I’ve always considered the coolest city in the world. There are millions of cars, people, and houses and the city noise is incredible; it’s close to how I imagined it would be. All those English...

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