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This Fresh Hell

This Fresh Hell


"Thrillingly subversive...
inventive and innovative"

A driver picks up a hitchhiker from the side of a road; a family moves in to a house that may be haunted; a visit to the cabin in the woods goes terribly wrong…

We all know how those stories end – or do we? In This Fresh Hell, every story begins with a well-known horror trope but ends with a twist, bringing new life and unexpected resolutions to old ideas. Our fears are interrogated, ghosts re-examined, and monsters reconfigured. Emerging and established authors from around the world reignite and subvert horror tropes in 19 wholly original, genre-bending stories.

Among these unexpected tales, a Slender Man is sent to offer help to a boy in trouble; a restorer develops an unusual bond with a cursed doll; a heartbroken influencer has her mettle tested aboard a luxurious cruise from hell; a haunted house hesitates to terrify its new residents... Ranging from the chilling to the quirky, these stories will appeal to dedicated horror fans as well as those dipping their toes into the genre for the first time.

Curated by Katya de Becerra and Narrelle M. Harris,
This Fresh Hell presents stories by:
A.J. Vrana, Annie McCann, C. Vonzale Lewis, Candace Robinson, Chuck McKenzie, Claire L. Smith, Claire Low, Clare E. Rhoden, Elle Beaumont, Eugen Bacon, Gillian Polack, Greg Herren, Jason Franks, Katya de Becerra, L.J.M. Owen, Narrelle M. Harris, Raymond Gates, Sarah Glenn Marsh, Sarah Robinson-Hatch, Tansy Rayner Roberts.

9781922904331 (hardback)
9781922904348 (paperback)
9781922904355 (ebook)

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Praise for This Fresh Hell

"So good i had to write to the publisher and
tell them what an outstanding piece of work this is

"Thrillingly subversive anthology...
inventive and innovative"
Elaine Chennatt

"Made me want so much more Strayan [Australian] horror"

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