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Lindy Cameron

Lindy CameronLindy Cameron is an Australian writer of crime fiction and fact. Her first published novel was the archaeological adventure Golden Relic. Before being a paperback it was serialised a chapter a month, for 10 months, on the internet as a promotional lead-up to the prestigious International Council of Museums conference held in Melbourne in 1998.

Golden Relic was commissioned by the Museum of Victoria (Australia) for ICOM ’98; which means Lindy was probably the first writer to earn money from the then fledgling internet (she certainly beat Stephen King to the punch by a couple of years). Golden Relic has come full circle back to the internet and is now an eBook.

Her second novel, Blood Guilt, was published in 1999 with HarperCollins Australia. It and its two sequels Bleeding Hearts and Thicker Than Water – featuring Melbourne PI Kit O’Malley – now have a splendid new lease on life with her American publisher Bywater Books.

Bleeding Hearts won the Readers’ Vote in Australia’s two major crime writing awards: the Ned Kelly Awards in 2001 and the Davitt Awards in 2002. Thicker Than Water won the Davitt Readers’ Vote in 2004.

Lindy Cameron’s espionage adventure-thriller Redback, featuring the very cool Bryn Gideon and her team of retrieval agents, was first published by MIRA in 2008 and has been republished by Clan Destine Press.

Lindy long ago had the fantasy of growing up to be a famous scientist and still harbours a desire to be an astronaut, a warrior chick or an Apache Longbow helicopter pilot. These hint that she, perhaps, hasn’t grown up much at all.

Before plunging into the world of make-believe, Lindy worked as a journalist and a book editor. She also wrote some primary school history texts, and a card game book for kids.

She has been a National Co-Convenor of Sisters in Crime Australia and editor of the group’s magazine Stiletto for two decades.

Somehow, in the last little while, Lindy Cameron has also found herself writing and commissioning anthologies of true crime. She is therefore also the contributing editor of Meaner Than Fiction and Outside the Law 2 and editor of Outside the Law 3.

With her sister, Fin J. Ross, Lindy Cameron co-wrote Killer in the Family (not her own!) and Murder in the Family; and she is also co-author, with Ruth Wykes, of Women Who Kill (again, no one she knows!).

Lindy much prefers to make things up, however, and is currently working on the sequel to Redback; and a YA urban fantasy time-travelling adventure.

In 2010 Lindy entered the realm of the completely adventurous by starting her own publishing company, and this is it: Clan Destine Press.

Lindy Cameron’s aim now is to publish the best Aussie genre fiction she can find – and a few more cat books, just for the hell of it.

The genre fiction will include debut novels by some awesomely-talented new writers; the next novels by a couple of names you already know; and new editions by some other Aussie writers who shouldn’t have ‘not published in Australia yet’ or ‘out of print’ next to their names.

Praise for Lindy Cameron

"I loved [Cameron's Redback] so much that I lent
 it to my Dad. He loved it as much as I did."
Kerry Greenwood

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