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Cold Comfort and Other Stories

Cold Comfort and Other Stories


Strap yourself in as three tales from award-winning speculative fiction author David McDonald, as he takes you on a tour of time and space in Cold Comfort and Other Stories.

Visit a frozen post apocalyptic Earth, a galactic delivery service, and very Australian dystopia to discover what happens to ordinary people faced with extraordinary choices or challenges.
Cold Comfort
Ice spiders, snow bears and deadly cold are only most obvious of the dangers a young trader faces as she searches for the secrets of the Elders on a post-apocalyptic Earth.
Deck the Halls
A rebellious pilot races against time to make a vital delivery to a planet in need. But in the face of the worst solar storm in years, his only ally is a sentient spaceship who is an outcast even to its own kind.
Our Land Abounds
In a world divided by war and wracked by food shortages, the Republic of Australasia is an oasis protected by its isolation and the Border Patrol. But, a chance encounter leaves a weary veteran asking whether the price of plenty is too high.

9780992492557 (ebook)

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