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Number One Fan

Number One Fan


The Duo Ex Machina series tells the story of Frank and Milo – musicians who perform as Duo Ex Machina. It tells how their brushes with crime (and their brushes with fame) affect them as they navigate love, life and their careers.
Five years after a serial killer nearly put an end to Duo Ex Machina, Frank and  Milo are still dealing with the aftermath, which includes a breakdown and the derailing of their career. But they’re still together, still in love, and still making music. A new album is out, and Frank is producing too, helping former pop princess Gabriella Valli relaunch her career.

Maybe this will be the comeback they’ve been looking for. Or it could be, if the mysterious letter-writing fan doesn’t turn out to be dangerous as well as obsessed, in Number One Fan.

Number One Fan is book 3 of Narrelle M Harris' Duo Ex Machina series, which includes Fly By Night and Sacrifice, both nominees for a Ned Kelly Award for Best First Crime Novel in 2004.

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